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We're finally open!

I wanted to make sure you knew all about us and what started the A Pop of Accessories brand. My name is Tatyanna! Nice to meet you :). To say that my fashion choices are unique and over the top would be an understatement. I love dressing up and pairing my outfits with statement accessories that feel good. Most people don't understand my vision until it's complete and the look just screams trendy and stylish. 
I wanted to start an accessories boutique that inspired women to wear statement jewelry that speaks for them in any room they walk in. Whether your style is classic, boho, over the top, or cute and flirty, there will be something here at my boutique for you. I want A Pop of Accessories to empower women to embrace their femininity and flaunt their style. As a Mommy/Fashion blogger, I know the versatility that accessories can bring to any outfit. Your accessories should speak to who you are as a person. Hopefully, A Pop of Accessories will inspire you to purchase accessories that do just that!